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Give Your Child A Well Rounded Skillset With Our Kids Martial Arts Classes

As important as school is in a child's mental and physical development, there are some things students simply can't learn in a classroom setting. That's where our Kids Martial Arts Classes come in handy. At Champion Martial Arts, we give your child a chance to learn in a fun, exciting environment while surrounded by great friends and talented instructors.

Our Kids Martial Arts students quickly learn valuable life skills in addition to the basics of Martial Arts - and have a blast the whole time!

Your child will quickly be exposed to lessons in:

  • Discipline
  • Goal setting
  • Focus
  • Respect
  • Self-defense
  • And of course, fitness!

    Champions Martial Arts Kids Martial Arts Sewell

    Choose The Kids Martial Arts Class That Works Best For You

    At Champions Martial Arts, we offer your child the opportunity to take advantage of age-specific programs where they can learn and have fun alongside classmates of their own age and experience level.

    Our Kids Martial Arts Classes are broken into:

    • Pre-School Martial Arts (Ages 3 & 4)
    • School Age Martial Arts (Ages 5+)

    Whether your child has been training for years or they've never once stepped foot inside a gym, we have exactly what they are looking for with adaptable lessons and challenging activities.

    Kids Martial Arts Offers Benefits Beyond The Dojo

    In addition to the many Martial Arts skills your child will perfect, our Kids Martial Arts Classes also give children vital tools that can be taken with them into the home, the classroom, and ultimately into adulthood. 

    Every class contains group activities, games & more that encourage positive social skills, friend-making, and fun!

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