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Our Summer Camps In Sewell Offer Your Child An Exciting Way Learn And Grow!

Join us at Champions Martial Arts in Sewell for the best Summer Camps in town! We're proud to offer kids of all ages a great mix of martial arts training, team building skills, and vital social development.

In 2018, we're offering 4 separate weeks of Summer Camp from July 16 - August 10. Reserve your spot before it's too late!

And if you sign up before May 31, you save $30 per week. Just use the code EARLYBIRD at registration!

Why Is Our Summer Camp Right For Your Child?

We aim to keep every child active and supported throughout the summer. At Champions Martial Arts, your child can be challenged and stay active - all while meeting a great group of new friends. 

Our Summer Camps in Sewell include:

  • Monday - Friday 8am-4pm Care (That's 8 hours!)
  • Morning & Afternoon Snack & Drink
  • Two Hours of Martial Arts & Other Engaging Activities throughout the Day
  • Water Wars every Wednesday with Water Balloons & Other Water Toys
  • Other Special Activities in the Works!

Our Summer Camps Offer So Much More Than Just Martial Arts Training

Some parents may think our Kids Martial Arts Summer Camp is just about doing some martial arts moves that look cool, but our Summer Camp is so much MORE than that! Your child will get hands-on life skills that prepare them for the real world. Things like…

  • Tremendous focus & good listening skills
  • Courage & confidence
  • Physical fitness & mental sharpness
  • Excellent social skills
  • Anti-bully & self-defense skills
  • A variety of fun activities such as kickball, relays, arts & crafts, board games & more!

Kids love it because it’s just an all-around blast!

Our Summer Camp is a great way for your child to develop important qualities that will help them STANDOUT in school, extra-curricular activities and in all parts of their life.

Reserve Your Spot For Our Summer Camps Today!

Registration has never been easier. Sign up for our Summer Camps in Sewell by simply clicking the button below. Simply fill out the form, select "deposit," and select the weeks you would like your child to attend. 

Please Note: The deposit is the price of one week of camp. If you select more than one week, we will contact you to arrange payment for the difference at a later time.

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